How to configure ssh keys on github

If you use GitHub, it is always better to setup ssh key as it it will save you all the time that you will spend entering your email address and password into the console every time you push a commit could have been spent coding.

In this tutorial, we’ll take you through the steps to configure ssh key on github:

1. Check for an existing ssh key pair

If you already have an existing ssh key pair, no need to create a new one.

Create a new ssh key pair if you do not have one :


Now, view the contents of the file that was created.

cat ~/.ssh/

Copy the contents of Now, go to your github account > Settings > SSH and GPG keys > Add SSH keys
Paste the content of you copied there.

2. Test the Authentication

 ssh -T [email protected]

On successful login , you’ll see

Hi username! You've successfully authenticated, but GitHub does not provide shell access.

Now run the following command:

git remote set-url origin [email protected]:username/your-repository.git

Edit the file in your repo & the add & commit the changes:

git add -A
git commit -am "Update"
git push

Now, On executing “git push” command, it should not prompt for username & password.

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